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Why curation and recommendations is the next big thing

November 12, 2009 Leave a comment

For last 150 years, traditional media has had it’s own version of curation and recommendation process. The newspaper and TV networks have used an army of college educated journalists and content creators to create and curate content. The sub-editor and the editors then shifted through all the curated content and used their judgement and knowledge about what their users “would-like” to decide on what stories “got-in” and what “got-left-out”. The editor and sub-editors made recommendations to users about the content that they should consume. The stories/content that got-left-out never saw the light of the day.

With online the whole process is going to go through massive transformation. Thousands of bloggers and social media users are consuming and curating content by either rating it, writing comments, forwarding it to friends and family, twittering about it or sharing it on facebook. The interaction of the user and his subsequent behaviour is data for machines. Now the machines can process all the information about the particular content and the interaction of users with that content and make sense out of it. The “making sense out of consumer behaviour data” then becomes the backbone for making recommendation to new users who would like to consume that content.

This off-course will have a dramatic impact on the Content creation industry, the cable industry and the advertising industry. Imagine a situation where an ad agency has access to real time data about a “piece of content” on basis of which they can put a bid on whether they would like to place their ad next to that “piece of content”. This will create massive efficiencies in the media buying process.

The impact on cable industry will be dramatic too. As more and more media gets recommended by the “crowd” the lower the stanglehold of cable on what consumers watch on their TV screen. Currently the programmed TV experience that broadcasters create does not create a competitive environment for content to compete for eye-balls. With more content surfacing and being discovered through “crowd-sourcing” there will be perfect competition amongst content creators for consumer eye-ball. The disruption of the broadcast, cable and advertising industry has just begun 🙂

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