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How subtitiling in Online Video will expand online minutes

October 15, 2009 1 comment

I have been thinking a lot about how as more and more video content from across the world turn up Online the whole sub-titling issue will become very important. To understand this a little bit on language cinema. Today there are very robust film making industry outside of Hollywood for example China, India, France, Iran, Russia, Italy, Japan etc. 99.9% of the video content coming out of these countries are in local language. However the video sharing sites to which they are being up-loaded like Youtube, Dailymotion, Metacafe etc have a world-wide reach. The video content from these countries have an opportunity to find new audiences outside of their countries. This will happen once consumers can get sub-title on the fly as they are watching a video. On this issue i read a great post by Fred Wilson a part of which i quote below:

The larger point I am making here is that by open sourcing subtitles, we are making it easier to watch films and other forms of video that are made in other languages. People in Israel can watch TV shows and films made in the US in hebrew subtitles. People in the US can watch TV shows and films made in India in english subtitles. The possibilities go on and on. We don’t need to wait for the producers of the films to release them in foreign languages (if they ever choose to do so). We can simply get the footage we want to watch and find a subtitle for it on the, A VC, Oct 2009

If users can get subtitles on the fly while they are watching the Video content Online then it will open a whole new opportunity for U.S, European and Asian consumers to enjoy the fantastic movies and television serials that are being created by different cultures. I remember the time i had spent in South Asia doing an assignment and i really enjoyed some of the serials being produced in local languages. The social impact of something like this happening can be very far reaching. The power of images is far reaching and more unifying than text. Text or language act as barriers for rapid spread of language specific art and culture. Video or moving Images does not suffer from the same amount of barriers as text.

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The sub-optimal digital media buying process

October 15, 2009 Leave a comment

There is a lot i have to say about this topic but i would like to keep this post short. Related to this issue I was reading a very good article by Darren Herman on Ad Networks Platforms vs Demand Platforms which you can read here:

What i liked about this article is the wishlist that Darren has written in his blog entry. Please do comment on what you think about this issue.

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How should a new online service use Facebook

October 14, 2009 Leave a comment

As we are working on the launch plan for our product we have dived deep into Facebook. We are trying to figure out how should we use Facebook? We have two choices in front of us:

a.Use Facebook to promote awareness about the brand and as a location  for distribution for the product

b. Use Facebook to give consumers the experience of the product without leaving the Facebook environment.

There are pros and cons to both the approach. Most publishers want to use other online mediums to drive traffic to their site. To that extent the focus is on building the publisher site as a location. If that is the objective then approach a works well. However in todays world more and more publishers are discovering the power of going to the destination where the consumers are. Lots of publishers are discovering the power of syndication to distribute their content or service.Google off-course did it very well with their Search syndication. This trend is becoming very popular with video creators and others. Most of the publishers who create content now-days apart from putting the content on their site are also actively distributing the content on Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Metacafe, Facebook etc. Most of the publishers are embedding ads in the syndicating feed which benefits them directly. So they no longer care where the content is being watched, they still make revenue.

Facebook with its 300 mn+ user base is off-course the most important destination for all publishers going forward. Increasingly more content both video, text and photos will be consumed by consumers without leaving the Facebook environment using an app. So i am trending towards  leveraging Facebook to give consumers an experience of our service without leaving the Facebook enviornement. However i am opening this out to debate and would be happy to hear your views.

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Hello world!

October 12, 2009 1 comment

Hie Online Video world. In this blog i would like to share how consumers video watching experience will transform over the next few years. I would also discuss the whole business model that will emerge to support the new online video-ecosystem, the changes that will happen to the current TV advertising and measurement system, the big tsunami in the cable subscription business and the overall impact on how marketing folks across the world will re-think their brand building and marketing programs. So welcome again and thanks for dropping by. Would love to have you engage with me either through your comments or by writing directly to me.

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